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NFL Preseason Week Two Preview: Sunday

After yesterday’s slate of eight games, it’s refreshing to only have two today and one tomorrow. All four of the teams in action tonight were playoff teams last season and all have enough depth to keep the games exciting. I’m writing this for the people who are going to watch the condensed version of the…


NFL Preseason Week Two Preview - Friday

Because I’m writing this on Thursday night, there’s a bonus recap of the Jags vs. Bears before the preview of the four games that happen this Friday night. If you like this, you can follow me on twitter (or just follow Football Savages if you just want astute NFL analysis and you don’t really want…


NFL Preseason Week One Preview: Friday Night

Somehow, I survived writing Thursday night’s preview with only minor mental scarring. Friday’s slate of games could be a different story though, considering some of the teams involved. Let’s get to the games though. I should state that because this is the preseason, I’m looking more at the intrasquad storylines, whether it is a debut,…


Top 5 Positional Units: Running Backs

Despite the NFL’s transition to a pass heavy league, the value of a strong running game is still an important part of winning in this league. As the age of the lead back starts to fade, there is importance in having a deep and diverse backfield. While these rankings put weight on the talent of…


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