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NFL Playoffs Preview: Wildcard Weekend

The NFL Regular Season, one filled with incredible “worst to first” stories and improbable playoff appearances, has officially come to a close. Although the ring of that sentence is saddening, the fun is only beginning. The 2014 NFL Playoffs are shaped up to be one of the most interesting and entertaining campaigns to date, and…


Storylines for the NFL’s Final Week

One week remains in one what has been an enjoyable regular season in the NFL, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher. Players all around the league face career defining performances that will shape their legacy for the better or for the worse, and have the opportunity to take their team into January with playoff…


NFL Playoff Picture Beginning to Take Shape

It’s really quite surprising that we are headed into the second last week of the NFL season. It seems like just yesterday Peyton Manning thew for seven touchdowns on opening night, and we looked at the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans as potential Super Bowl contenders. Much has changed since then and we’ve learned a…


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