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Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills

Sunk Costs and Alex Smith

As sports have advanced statistically, few concepts have not made it to the world of sports from the world of business. Sadly, one of them is sunk costs. Sunk costs (defined in more depth by Investopedia here) is the idea that money (and other assets) you have spent in the past should not be used when…

CU vs Central Arkansas

Paul Richardson Scouting Report

Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado Athletic Background: Listed Height/Weight: 6’2/170 (Note: as someone who was listed as 6’2” before, that’s usually code for a little over 6 feet. Also, it looks like he’s bulked up since his freshman year) High School Track Prowess: 10.66 100m and 21.0 in the 200m are both really solid (especially the 200m,…


Ranking the Most Attractive Coaching Vacancies

Black Monday has come and gone, and six teams have given themselves another chance to find the right man for their job. The Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, and Houston Texans have all free’d themselves of their past head coaches, and are looking for another man to move the…


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