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Top 5 Positional Units: Defensive Fronts

Top 5 Positional Units: Defensive Fronts

Follow @BenNatan2 In the NFL, it all starts up front on both sides of the ball. For defense, having a strong front is the key to success in terms of disrupting the passing and running games. A secondary’s job becomes so much easier if pressure is happening up front and a linebacker really appreciates if…


Ranking all 32: Offensive Line

Follow @SullyFootball It all starts up front dammit! I’ve dedicated an entire article to ranking the NFL’s best offensive line’s from 1 to 32. The formula for determining these rankings was film, some metrics, past scouting reports, and gut feelings on the players. I will list the projected starters and include guys who could contribute…


An Unbiased and Rational Eye: The Jake Locker I See

Follow @jakeb253 An unbiased and rational eye is paramount for success in properly analyzing football. You have to be able to separate your emotions from what is actually going on, and make decisions based on those facts. That’s the nature of evaluation and analysis, and that is something that really isn’t all that difficult in…


Contract Negotiations - Wrapping up the series

Follow @jakeb253 The rest of potential contract extension candidates are going to all be included into one post because this process has been painstakingly repetitive, as a handful of teams have a ton of guys under contract in 2014 and are projected to be in a very bad cap position before free agency. Here is…


Contract Negotiations - Tight Ends

Follow @jakeb253 Let me start off by clarifying one thing: I don’t even know if the position “tight end” really exists, what it entails, and how much these dudes should be making. If you’re paying wide receivers to catch the ball and their ability to contribute to the passing game is how you qualify the…


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