NFL Picks for Week 2: You can pick your nose but you can’t pick the Chiefs.

Since the NFL decided to skip week 1, we decided to start our staff picks this week. This is not really for you, this is more for us; to make fun of the idiots who end up with a losing record at the end of the season. Feel free to share the link with your friends though, that way we can appear to be cooler than we actually are. The Chiefs are not a heavy favorite this week, according to the Football Savages crew. Pretty rude, imo.

NFL Picks Week 2:

Week 2
Jeremy (7-9)
David (8-8)
Allbright (9-7)
Max (6-10)
Ben (8-8)
Jake (8-8)
Jinx (6-10)
Sully (7-9)
Ames (9-7)
Jason (6-10)
Steelers vs. RavensSteelersSteelersSteelersSteelerssteelersSteelersSteelersSteelersRavensRavens
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Saints vs. BrownsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaints
Lions vs. PanthersLionsLionsPanthersLionsLionsPanthersLionsLionsLionsLions
Falcons vs. BengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsFalconsBengalsFalconsBengalsFalconsBengals
Cowboys vs. TitansCowboysTitansCowboysTitansCowboysTitansTitansTitansTitansTitans
Patriots vs. VikingsPatriotsPatriotsPatriotsPatriotsPatsVikingsVikingsPatsPatsVikings
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Jets vs. PackersPackersPackersPackersPackersPackersPackersJetsPackersPackersPackers
Texans vs. RaidersTexansTexansRaidersTexansTexansTexansTexansRaidersTexansRaiders
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Jaguars vs. WashingtonWashingtonForeskinsJagsJagsJagsWashingtonRedskinsJagsRedskinsJags




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