March Sadness - The Finals, The Duel Of Despair

Editor’s Note: This isn’t a mean-spirited competition, it should be an opportunity to laugh, even if it is at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. This is pure satire, all spelling errors are intentional.  

After 3 weeks of voting and numrous contests that were just to close to call we have arrived in the finals of march sadness and let me tell you they are a doozy.


Pete Prisco edged out Peter King in the East somehow but Im pretty sure its because he told all his followers to go vote for him and rigged the vote. Memo to Pete maybe spend more time stacking weights in the squat rack then stacking votes. Its just ironic that a guy who looks like he eats two thirds of his square meals at a McTacoHut would be so adamant about disenfranchising voters. Im not kidding you folks Priscos idea of a “leg day” is heading down to KFC and grabbing a 2-piece dark meal.

But Pete, your ballot stuffing wokred I guess and your followers sent you into the finals. But all good Cinderalla storys come to a end at some point and all 32 of your coach rankings are about to turn into pumpkins.

Enter Darren Rovell.

Darrens the big bad Phi Slamma Granma coming in hot out of the West. Besides a breif challenge from Florio himself he has skated through untouched to the finals. Hes a hard one seed, and I just dont see a way he can loose this, but it would be great IMO. Can you imagine the hit his brand would take if hes not even good enough at twitter to win the award for worst account. Say what you want about Obama but at leased hes owning the fact that hes bad instead of being a wolf in sheeples clothing like Jimmy Carter.

So youve got the real Italian going up aganst the nerd who looks like hes Italian. The tape grinder and the guy who grinds his privates up and down on tickertape all day. Sports Business verse Jorts business WHO YA GOT?


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