Benjamin Allbright

Benjamin Allbright is a published author and sports radio talk show host for 94.1 fm in Denver, Colorado. He has been featured on ESPN, Yahoo!, and Fox Sports.

Connor Dawson

Derrik Klassen

High school senior. NFL Draft and general NFL analyst for NFL Spin Zone. Quarterbacks are my self-proclaimed expertise.

Dexter's Library

Robert Ortiz

Jake Brydson

Jake writes his biographical information in the third person to further confuse the reader. Yes, it is him writing his own biography, but he is writing it about himself, to get himself over as a serious football journalist. He is also a connoisseur of using the word connoisseur.

Jeremy Sickel

Read on Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports and Pop Fly Boys; Heard on Pop Fly Boys Radio and Podcast to Be Named Later; Seen on, TBD. Entrepreneur...Writer...Business...Sports...Poker...Beer Snob........

Jimmy Gillespie

Director of College Scouting for Football Savages. Communications major at PSU. College football is king.

PFT Commenter

PFWA member. Delivering barrelfire NFL strongtakes at Kissing Suzy Kolber and SB Nation. Theirs the door if you cant handle it. Email = [email protected]

Ben Natan

NFL Draft Analysis for WTFP and Draft Mecca. Eagles analyst for IgglesNest. Official NFL Outsider. Football Savage.

The Street Free Agent

Just another opinion with an asshole.

John Ames

Owner/Editor of Football Savages


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