Articles by Derrik Klassen

High school senior. NFL Draft and general NFL analyst for NFL Spin Zone. Quarterbacks are my self-proclaimed expertise.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Breaking Football: High Pointing vs Catching in Traffic for Wide Receivers

In the realm of football discussion, certain mantra is thrown around mindlessly without true understanding of what the term (or terms) mean. Similar to my recent exposure of the “game manager” quarterback label, there is a misconception about what “catch point ability” is for wide receivers. More times than not, saying a player has great…


“Regression” is the Wrong Word for Jameis Winston

Both on and off the field, Jameis Winston has been criticized quite heavily, as of late. Off the field, youthful mistakes and criminal allegations surround Winston. On the field, many analysts fear that he has regressed from his 2013 form. The two entities are related and the off-field troubles, to a degree, make sense of Winston’s on-field…


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