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Established in the fall of 2012, Amateur Hour Podcast is an independent, unedited creation by Ryan Scott Hall and HisDirknesS. The Goal? Entertaining our audience and injecting some creative information in the process. We’re the most fun, least professional “journalists” you’re gonna find.

Life doesn’t matter….sports do.

All show-related inquires, including sponsorship opportunities, live events and pricing can be sent to [email protected] The full archive of show episodes can be found here.

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  • Nick the Kick

    Please tell me you are posting an off season preview like the one discussed during the grades podcast soon. I’m both a recent convert and huge fan and am dying to hear what you guys think is gonna happen or what you would do if you ran the team. I’ll be checking back thrice daily as I literally have nothing I’m looking forward to more, which you could take as a compliment or an indictment of the life choices I’ve made. Please post what time you go live if you are taking calls KC time. Thanks you two nihilists, that must be exhausting.


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