The Buffalo Bills Offseason: Continued

If it wasn’t already apparent Terry “Piggy Bank” Pegula is the rich uncle of the DGAF community. This is a man committed to dropping however much coin it takes for him to be able to grab his dick and smirk at the rest of the league. I’m talking about a motherfucking Super Bowl people.

Every team is a team of destiny if you believe in stupid things, but this Bills team is a team that can make the playoffs. Favorite that shit…………………… motherfucka’.

Part 1 of this transformation story: Buffalo Bills acquire Matt Cassel and LeSean McCoy.

Part 2 continues with another quality move, I mean when you can get a Kraig Urbik to restructure his deal for the good of the team…. Well, that’s just a really professional move. I’m talking pocket square professional. I mean this is a guy that is a guard in the NFL, which means something to me. The Bills really pulled off some magic getting a quality player to take a sizable cut from 2.9M to 1.2M. This isn’t Buddy Nix’s front office anymore. #FuckBuddy

I’m not going to bullshit a bullshitter here, so I’ll tell you, I think the Percy Harvin signing was a mistake. Not because of the money, but because the guy seems to be a bit of a dickhead as a teammate and fuck that shit. There’s no debating that he’s a talented player, but where does he fit in a run-heavy offense that already had 2 pretty good young WRs? Don’t expect me to have the answer I’m just some asshole making assumptions and pounding beers. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say Rex is going to get Percy to sack up and accept a role as the Bills very own Swiss Army knife. Percy knows if he doesn’t ball out, he’ll still collect 6M, but he’ll also be sitting on his ass in 2016 waiting to sign for just above league minimum… probably with the fucking Browns.


Some of you assholes need to understand you are not actually a part of the team. You do not have a parking spot, you do not get invited to team meetings, you have never paid a player out of your bank account. So shut the fuck up! Cunt.

The Bills have had a string of slapdick TEs going all the way back to fucking forever. They had an opportunity to add a player that can actually contribute at the position and all you pricks that have been rooting for a loser for the last 20 years are going to shit on that move?


At what fucking price would it have been a good move… 4M…5 M… 6M?

The Bills probably still have more than 10 million in cap space (I’m guessing) and with no 1st round pick, they will have NO FUCKING PROBLEM signing their rookies. So what exactly is the issue with “overpaying” Clay? The Bills have at least 5 more years of paying their starting QB no more than 5 million a year, they have the ability to spend at other positions and for fucks sake a team with a 5 million dollar QB better spend at other positions, if they expect to win, and these Buffalo Bills sure as fuck do.

Done. Marinate on that shit motherfuckers.


Just another opinion with an asshole.


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