Episode 100: Nick at Night - Chiefs 2014 Week Three


Nick Wright joins us for a milestone episode of Amateur Hour, complete with a shocking conclusion he’s made about the Chiefs.

We reminisce on the Broncos and Dolphins games (he couldn’t join us last week), before Nick drops a bomb on all of us. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Are the Chiefs a contender now? What is the new strength of this team? Why will Andy Reid feed Knile Davis but not Jamaal Charles? What is the solution to NFL teams constantly mismanaging the clock?


Nick drops his bomb around the midway point, which leads to a new discussion in itself.

We close the show discussing Nick’s role in breaking the Adrian Peterson story before we reveal our favorite moments from the first 100 episodes of Amateur Hour and give thanks to all parties involved. Can’t miss!!!


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  • Jeff Condie

    Love your Podcasts guy’s…I was missing Nick’s take on the Chiefs this year, well, we got one from Nick this week and Nick Wright (who I usually agree with ) I would have to say was all Wrong with his take on the Chiefs this year….I know Nick has had his plate full…..Adrian Peterson breaking news…I might add…thanks to Nick (even though others it appear higher on the NFL food chain would of rather have suppressed the story of stolen it from Nick and breakin it as “their own”… I’m sure reporting on the NFL big stars (real investigative reporting that is) is more “cutthroat” than having to play on the field itself each week…
    Nick seemed angry and I think I know why? I get the impression that Nick is more of Jamal Charle’s fan than a Chief’s fan…I know that Nick’s premise for trading Jamal in the first place would only be based off if the Chiefs we’re only to “LOSE THE NEXT 3 GAMES” AND SIT AT 1-5 after three consecutive losess…WHAT??
    Who even thinks that way? I got a problem with that line of thought… it’s almost like I was sensing that Nick wants the Chiefs to lose their next three and under those conditions “the Chiefs would be better off to trade Jamal (who we just signed) to a team (Arizona) who could win a Super-Bowl with Jamal as it’s featured back…What? Nick’s argument (no offense I felt is more of a selfish one)…. My take (I could be wrong) on Nick is that is that he thinks the Chiefs will never win a Championship with their current personal….I agree they may not, but 90 percent of teams in the league are in the same boat…I know Nick is no Alex Smith fan (how soon we forgot how he performed in the playoff game last year) and wants to “hide him” somewhere…”Hide Alex”? What kind of strategy is that??…. I’m sorry but I don’t think in the NFL these days “Hiding” your QB is the best plan…where…??? should we hide Alex because he sucks so much…??? imaybe, in the darkest recesses of the shadow that Andy Reid’s huge posterior backside might provide….ya maybe that’s the best location???….I get the feeling Nick hates seeing Jamal’s talent wasted here in lowly Kansas City…Bullshit…Jamal proved with Andy that He is at his best when he is not only a rushing half-back but even better when he becomes a receiver out of the backfield… in space, where Charles has a chance to break one off maybe five to six or seven times a game..Jamal had his best year in the NFL with Reid at the helm of this ship last year…some argued even that maybe Jamal was being used to much last year….wasn’t he 30 percent of the whole Chiefs offense…that’s good enough for me….Jamal is a once in a lifetime back….Kniles Davis is…well, words escape me but, mostly I think Kniles will always just be about what Kniles is now…which is a pretty good running back who’s capable of 100 yard and 2 touchdown games at a (4.0/ ypcarry) maybe four or five times a season… but also a back who you really can’t trust throwing the ball to of the backfield that much and worse yet, a running-back with the size of nearly a small offensive-lineman with no blocking or protection skills whatsoever…If the Chiefs are ever going to win a Super-Bowl it’s only going to be because the team as whole is great…offense, defense, special teams…not because Charles carries the ball 25-30 times every game…The Chiefs are best when they are balanced…maybe Bowe only gets 4-5 receptions a game…maybe Charles only gets fifteen carries, and five receptions…I’m good with that if the Chiefs win….it’s almost like even if the Chiefs win but Charles only gains 50 yards rushing and Bowe only produces 30 yards receiving…it’s like everyone has a bitter-taste in their mouth because those two only had average games….We have Kelce, we have DAT, the Chiefs have Frankie and Albert and Kniles and Fasano…that’s Chiefs football…I can think back to when I used to love watching the LIons with Barry Sanders and the Big Show” he put on most every week, especially Monday Nights…Barry was at his best…35 carries 220 yards two or three touchdowns….man, Barry was was brilliant…The LIons…??? Well, the Lions usually sucked…and even when no one could stop Barry the final outcome was most the time just another loss….Was I entertained? Hell Ya, I was…did the LIons ever win much with one of the all-time greatest? Hell NO..they didn’t… rather that Lions team rarely ever had a winning season…Maybe it’s just me but, I’ll take a balanced, ball-control and yes, maybe a little less entertaining winning Chief’s team over that highly entertaining losing Lions team any-day…
    And Lastly I disagree., Nick…Fisher didn’t deserve the Big “F-U” The guy is busting his butt this year and improving each week…if you have been watching the games?


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