2016 NFL Draft: The September Version

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This is a 2016 draft edition, which includes some of the best draft prospects as of September. There will be some ups, some downs for these prospects. I will evaluate the players by what I think is BPA (Best Player Available), plus the character concern that comes with some players. I also made this mock draft interesting, by adding pre-determined trades and how I think the NFL season ends.

2016 NFL Draft: The September Version


1st Pick - Tennessee Titans (2-14)

Laremy Tunsil - OT
Ole Miss - Junior
6-5, 305 Pounds
The Titans end up terrible this season, and everyone can see that coming. But they appear to be so close to getting where they want to be at. They get their BPA, even though he had some legal troubles in the beginning of the season still doesn’t stop talent. Laremy is the most polished tackle this year, he beats the speed rush and bull rush, considering he is very agile for his size. What happens to Taylor Lewan? He stays on the left side, but Byron Bell is not a starter. Jeremiah Poutasi becomes a starting left guard. That makes plenty of room for Laremy to be the day-1 starter.
Draft Grade: A-

2nd Pick - San Francisco 49ers (3-13)

Jaylon Smith - OLB
Notre Dame - Junior
6-3, 235 Pounds
Does anyone else feel more talent drained then the 49ers? I would definetly agree that they lost the most then any other team in the NFL this offseason. And it stands that they are going to also lose a little bit more next offseason too (Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin, Alex Boone, and Joe Looney). Don’t let it get you down San Fran fans, at least we know you guys are going to have good draft position. That leads to you guys getting the unbelievable talent of Jaylon Smith, the quick and big outside linebacker for the Irish, who always has a knack for getting to the ball carrier. I just think the 49ers just seem like the team that will make a better push next season, and that will be because of a good draft.
Draft Grade: A+

3rd Pick - Chicago Bears (3-13)

Cardale Jones - QB
Ohio State - Redshirt Junior
6-5, 250 Pounds
Do you give up on Jay Cutler after a 3-13 season (consecutive losing seasons)? I say yes. The Bears have needed to get younger for a while now, and with only a couple of solid lineman this pick becomes a good pickup. You’re talking about Kyle Long and the future prospect of Hroniss Grasu, and maybe Jermon Bushrod isn’t bad but he seems like a logical right tackle. Cardale is a stand-in for the number one quarterback prospect taken, and the unbelievable display of ability to escape the pocket during the BCS Playoffs. Cardale is also going to be able to start for the Bears game one, but what about his supporting cast. That’s OK, he has a bigger body to escape the pocket. Is his skills refined? Yes, he is a sharpshooter, able to put the ball right where it needs to be.
Draft Grade: B-

4th Pick - New Orleans Saints (3-13)

Emmanuel Ogbah - DE
Oklahoma State - Redshirt Junior
6-4, 275 Pounds
Somehow we got to the Saints falling from grace, and to no prevail they lose out to the top quarterback (everyone knows Drew Brees is there). Emmanuel Ogbah was just a beast for the OK State Cowboys, absorbing multiple blocks, and really showing versatility on run plays. New Orleans chose BPA (my main thing for this mock draft), and has a great motor. Sometimes Ogbah plays a little bit high coming of the ball, but because of that great motor I feel that this is all correctable. The best part about him is his instincts and his IQ for a defensive lineman, he gets his paws up quick at the line of scrimmage. I don’t think the Saints needed a defensive lineman when they started the season, but I feel for Akiem Hicks and John Jenkins (not to mention the amount of rookies behind the veterans).
Draft Grade: A-

5th Pick - Washington Redskins (4-12)

Connor Cook - QB
Michigan State - Redshirt Senior
6-4, 220 Pounds
Would you like to continue all this “Is RGIII going to be a Redskin next year” or would you like to stop playing games. The Redskins are not going to be a good team this year, so next year this would make a quarterback a logical choice. Connor Cook is a great pocket passer, one who has worked hard for everything, and really has progressed as an impressive playcaller for the Spartans. He would be the type of leader the ‘Skins would need, someone who is cool and confident in his abilities. He has great accuracy, shows consistancy for stepping into the pocket, and has unbelievable strength to his throws.
Draft Grade: B

6th Pick - KC Chiefs (from TB Buccaneers) (5-11)

Ronnie Stanley - OT
Notre Dame - Redshirt Junior
6-6, 315 Pounds
So one of the major offensive tackles land outside the top-5, but not that far. Ronnie Stanley is clearly a very talented stud at left tackle for Notre Dame. So is it worth noting that the Chiefs chose Eric Fisher in 2013, so why choose another tackle in the first round (also noteworthy trading up). Because you either protect what you have (either Alex Smith or Chase Daniel) or choose BPA. That’s what you get with Ronnie, who would probably start left tackle while pushing Eric to the right side. He is a road grader, loves the physical nature, and maybe a productive pass-blocker. I feel if not for the spread style that the Fighting Irish played, Ronnie would have been able to display that he could play for a longer step back. Either way, if Ronnie lands for the Chiefs, this is exactly what they need.
Draft Grade: B+

7th Pick - New York Giants (5-11)

Jalen Ramsey - FS
Florida State - Junior
6-1, 202 Pounds
In my opinion, Jalen Ramsey is one of the most “in your face” type of guy, which is almost funny considering his size. I said almost for a reason, because he just seems key to get in the receivers head on any given play. He is almost reminiscent of Tyrann Mathieu and Tashaun Gipson, as he seems to always be around the ball when big plays are needed. I give this an A+ because of how bad the Giants defensive backs have been in most years, and with a ball hawk like Ramsey you are guaranteed to improve immediately. He is literally what you want in a leader. Can he be a consistant tackler? Should he play corner instead? Not like the Giants couldn’t use either corner or safety anyways, win-win.
Draft Grade: A

8th Pick - Miami Dolphins (6-10)

Kenny Clark Jr. - DT
UCLA - Junior
6-3, 308 Pounds
For someone who is so motivated, Kenny Clark Jr. might find it difficult to get playing time on such a loaded defensive line. The reason being; who would replace Earl Mitchell if he left after the 2016 season? Jordan Phillips was drafted last year, and yet the Dolphins would continue to maybe groom themselves into a defensive line that attacks by waves. Kenny Clark Jr. (senior currently in jail) is a great athlete with a great motor. He keeps pushing the pocket, he has long arms to engage guards at the point of attack, and plays ferocious. He would be a stunning addition and a clear BPA for the Dolphins.
Draft Grade: C+

9th Pick - Carolina Panthers (6-10)

Joey Bosa - DE
Ohio State - Junior
6-5, 275 Pounds
Some guys slide just a little bit. Because of his big game play, Joey Bosa doesn’t slide too far out, but still a little bit out. He is a monster on the defensive line, making himself the type of guy who wrecks havoc as a one-man crew. Not that Kony Ealy or Charles Johnson isn’t impressive, but you grab the BPA of the group. Joey Bosa is extremely talented, plug-n-play type of guy. The Panthers get extremely lucky with this pick. We will see his grit and toughness, with Bosa being that blue-collar kind of guy. Now back to my original claim, why the slide? The character problems always brings guys down sometimes. This just happens to be a problem for Bosa.
Draft Grade: A+

10th Pick - Detroit Lions (6-10)

A’Shawn Robinson - DT
Alabama - Junior
6-3, 312 Pounds
The Lions probably have a good chance for Haloti Ngata to resign, but what about getting a rushing lane stuffer. He literally jacks running backs as if he knew where they were going, showing he is a freak of nature. No doubt he makes plays against some of the top competition in the SEC, getting to go against some of the best interior offensive lineman in the league. The Lions lose out of Suh this last offseason, sucks, but I will say that a combination of A’Shawn and Haloti would be very intriguing, considering both have pretty good motors.
Draft Grade: B

11th Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9)

Myles Jack - OLB/FS
UCLA - Junior
6-1, 232 Pounds
The Jaguars are one of those verge teams, as in they seem so close (finally), and now you won’t believe how versatile they become with Myles Jack. Just like the aforementioned Jaylon Smith, he is versatile as someone who could play multiple positions. The problem is his short frame, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Jack. He has enough speed for chasing sideline-to-sideline, and to be able speed-rush an offensive tackle. Developing his craft at dissolving blocks will be difficult considering his length. He will need to focus on linebacker (or safety), he wouldn’t need to be a running back.
Draft Grade: A-

12th Pick - TB Buccaneers (from KC Chiefs) (7-9)

Scooby Wright III - OLB
Arizona - Junior
6-1, 246 Pounds
Athletic and quick-twitched, Scooby is a big ticket for the Tampa Bay defense, who have lacked the guy who can cover tight ends and running backs. Scooby is anything other then the cartoon character, never avoiding contact, and angry as all hell. I really like what the Bucs have on defensive side of the ball, but maybe a Derrick Brooks type of player would rejuvenate the team, and a sack artist for Arizona (14 sacks) makes him an attractive matching. Coverage is good (considering he blitz on most plays), he could be the X-factor for a team looking for a stop on a 3rd-and-4 type of play. I like him because he wasn’t even recruited, and he proves everyone wrong. He also seems to have angriness to him, which is terrific for a guy of his position.
Draft Grade: B+

13th Pick - Indianapolis Colts (7-9)

Tre’Davious White - CB
Louisiana State - Junior
5-11, 191 Pounds
So another LSU defensive back in the first round this year, and it happens to be an athletic and speedy Tre’Davious White. Maybe a little raw, but very developmental. The Colts still have Vontae Davis, it is almost doubtful Greg Toler plays elsewhere, but it’s definitely possible that Toler could play free safety. Not that I don’t like Mike Adams (or Clayton Geathers) but the Colts could have a lot of talent next year. Tre’Davious is clearly very talented, but I think he still has all the schemes to learn. A lot of people would argue that the similarities between Tre’ and Patrick Peterson are phenomenal, especially for how athletic they were coming out of college. Expect him to make an impact immediately for the Colts.
Draft Grade: C-

14th Pick - St. Louis Rams (7-9)

Laquon Treadwell - WR
Ole Mississippi - Junior
6-2, 212 Pounds
A top receiver in the draft, Laquon would be a matched made in heaven for the Rams, considering the type of receivers the Rams have drafted recently. The Rams didn’t get everything they wanted from Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey (even though that could change/Brian Quick is still around). I said it last year, the Rams NEED a possession receiver, and even though I think Kenny Britt was solid last year, it’s not enough. Laquon was a standout for the Rebels offense last season, proving he was capable of catching 95% of passes in his direction. He came back from an injury last year, and really put up moster numbers. The Rams get an unbelievable athlete.
Draft Grade: A

15th Pick - Oakland Raiders (from Phil Eagles) (8-8)

Jack Conklin - OT
Michigan State - Redshirt Junior
6-6, 318 Pounds
The Raiders finally get their first winning season in 15 years, yet they still trade up for a prospect. The prospect? Jack Conklin from Michigan State, one of the great complete tackles in the draft. Conklin is another of my favorite players for the NFL Draft, especially of how hard of a worker he is, being a walk-on for college. No offense to Donald Penn, but I just don’t think he is athletic enough to be a blindside blocker for Derek Carr. The Raiders and Jack Conklin would be a match made in heaven, considering the Raider belief of power and speed. I just think of an old Raider, Art Shell, with plenty of “prove-it” to push Shell to really out-perform the opposition. I see Jack as a future Raider great.
Draft Grade: B+

16th Pick - Denver Broncos (8-8)

Darian Thompson - FS
Boise State - Redshirt Senior
6-2, 210 Pounds
Rave reviews seems to be the theme for Darian Thompson, a Boise State product. If I had my choice of safety, I would choose Darian Thompson over any safety (excluding T.J. Ward) on the Broncos roster. The fact of the matter is that the Broncos are really talented in their own right, but whenever they upgrade a position it seems they start to lack at another. The best part about Thompson is the wrap up tackling he provides, a young in the box safety that every coach loves to coach, but coverage skills still undefined. Give him a couple years to develop, and the Broncos could actually have a steal at 16.
Draft Grade: B

17th Pick - NY Jets (via Phil Eagles from Oak Raiders) (9-7)

Ezekiel Elliott - RB
Ohio State - Junior
6-0, 225 Pounds
B-E-T-T-E-R- better better better. That’s what the Jets got with Todd Bowles, and really why be satisfied there, continue to build a winning team. The weakness throughout the preseason seemed to be the running back position, so the Jets get a seriously workhorse with undoubtable potential. He has speed, versatility, and blocks well. The problem consists with the quarterback, where I think the Jets will be just fine with the combination of Geno Smith and Bryce Petty. They need a QB, fast. I think the Jets get rid of Sheldon Richardson (and all the baggage), take the pressure off the salary cap, and overpay an aging Eli Manning (if possible). Ezekiel would open up the field for the quarterback quite a bit, but without a decent QB, defenses would stack the box against Elliott.
Draft Grade: B+

18th Pick - Houston Texans (9-7)

Tyler Boyd - WR
Pittsburgh - Junior
6-2, 200 Pounds
When their is a roster with no Andre Johnson for the Texans, I feel like they need to find the next upgrade at the position. Something I know people would say “John, they just drafted Jaelen Strong, they have DeAndre Hopkins, why another one?” In which I say, if they are going by BPA, this is the logical move for the Texans. Plus Strong is good, but Tyler Boyd is better. Yes, Boyd has had some off-the-field trouble, nothing coach O’Brien can’t fix, in which he likes to attack by deploying an air attack, and pounding it with Arian Foster (when he is healthy). Tyler Boyd is a solid route-runner, makes great plays off the ball, and is seriously why you have a jumpball situation. Boyd is also young, being able to actually learn from prior mistakes, he might be the guy who got the Texans over the hump.
Draft Grade: C

19th Pick - Buffalo Bills (9-7)

Robert Nkemdiche - DT
Ole Mississippi - Junior
6-4, 296 Pounds
A strong member of the Rebels, he seems to get penetration so easily. Is there any reason why he isn’t in the top-10? I would say it’s really got to do with scheme fit. So why would I think a team like the Bills would select Nkemdiche? Um, hello? The awesome defensive line literally has no other options other then the front four (who seem appealing). The pick is in no shape or form a reflection in my stance with keep-or-leave Marcell Dareus. I think it’s a no-brainer when your defensive line is so strong, just continue to build for the future with this tough, explosive through the lines, type of guy is on the board.
Draft Grade: A

20th Pick - Sea Seahawks (from Cin Bengals) (10-6)

Vernon Hargreaves III - CB
Florida - Junior
5-11, 198 Pounds
Is there ever too many members of the Legion of Boom? I would argue yes and no. Yes as in it seems a new member of Seattle defense ends up with a contract because they already have three other componets locked down (kind of, Kam Chancellor). VH3, one of the guys I think will take a draft day slide because of the way he plays, with wreckless abandonment. He sometimes makes it difficult to play the opposite teams best receiver because of the uncertainty. He gets beat sometimes (you can’t win everytime), and when that happens he seems to literally do anything possible to avoid the reception. He draws a few flags, maybe one per game, and that’s not good odds for a playmaker on the defense. Bright spot? He would play for the most polarizing defense in the league, the defense with unsurmountable talent.
Draft Grade: B-

21st Pick - Cleveland Browns (10-6)

Rashard Higgins - WR
Colorado State - Junior
6-2, 188 Pounds
I love this pick for many reasons. A. Rashard is a YAC kind of guy, making a bunch of something out of nothing. B. Please, like anyone doesn’t expect Johnny Manziel to start. In which case Manziel excelled with a big target (hopefully Josh Gordon by then) and a fast guy off the line of scrimmage. and C. He is destined to be a possession receiver. This would be a marriage made in heaven. The seperation this guy gets is spectacular, he just has that kind of speed, and it is just amazing the way he makes guys miss. Keep in mind his route running is lackadaisacle at best, easily being re-routed when contacted at the line of scrimmage.
Draft Grade: C+

22nd Pick - Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

Taylor Decker - OT
Ohio State - Senior
6-7, 315 Pounds
This is a dicey pick, if the Falcons make this selection in the 20’s, are they actually in good position on the offensive line? NOPE! No way do I accept Ryan Schraeder, Chris Chester, or Mike Person as the future of the offensive line. More like Stop gaps. Taylor Decker, paired with Jake Matthews, would be perfect for the protection of Matty Ice. Taylor Decker loves the protection of a quarterback who stretches the play with his legs (Matty being surprisingly quick and agile), Decker could end up being a cornerstone for the Falcons, to actually having a decent running game. The addition of Decker would show that they are not satisfied until they are a complete offense. Decker is long, athletic, and quick-twitched. If not for two left feet, he would be a premier option, but let us just focus on the brightside. The Falcons finally are set at tackle.
Draft Grade: A-

23rd Pick - SD Chargers (from Dallas Cowboys) (11-5)

DeForest Buckner - DE
Oregon - Senior
6-7, 290 Pounds
Another big and physical guy off the board, and you better believe that the Chargers would make this trade all day long. DeForest Buckner is literally a wall with arms and legs, he pushes the pocket well, and forces running lanes to close up. I LOVE this guy for a reason, he seriously looks like the friendly giant that would protect you (or destroy your enemies). He showed the versatility playing opposite of Arik Armstead, he would show a nasty swim move that destroy any normal mans arms. There lies the problem. Did he get favorable treatment for being second fiddle to Armstead? Can he develop more in his technique? To me, yes to both. This year will be a test for DeForest, not having Armstead will show if he has the grit to play in this league. And he is talented and young enough to fine-tune his game, if he so chooses.
Draft Grade: B

24th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles (from NY Jets) (11-5)

Darron Lee - OLB
Ohio State - Redshirt Sophomore
6-1, 235 Pounds
Aren’t they always looking like the unorthadox team anyways? The Eagles, Chip Kelly, and the city of Philadelphia will not accept traditional measurements. Darron Lee, an uncoventional linebacker with exciting features, makes him exactly what I would expect from Kelly (or a kicker/punter). Darron Lee is a roamer, he keeps his eyes on the backfield and attacks the open areas, sometimes resulting in him running into the lead blocker. Lee also plays pass-coverage extremely well for a linebacker, so that gives Kelly flexability (like he needs any, OK I will stop) to flip the play or bring in exotic blitz packages. Considering that the Eagles traded back (twice), you would almost have the exact feel that the Eagles were just fine where they were. But my complex trade made it to were the Eagles flipped Mychal Kendricks for Sheldon Richardson and not spending a dime. So far, my determination is the Eagles win.
Draft Grade: A-

25th Pick - New York Giants (from Minn Vikings) (9-7)

Jared Goff - QB
California - Junior
6-4, 210 Pounds
Another example of a team trading back into the draft to grab the guy they really want. The Giants are in rebuild mode once again, but this time it’s almost unfair how much this isn’t their fault. The extended holdout of Eli Manning (I stick with this prediction even if Manning stays), JPP blowing a couple fingers off in a fireworks show, and a couple of injury-dings keep unfolding for the Giants (Nat Berhe, Marshall Newhouse, and Victor Cruz). Enter Jared Goff, an accurate and underestimated quarterback with great skills to get the ball down the field with excellent vision. The problem lay in the system Goff played in college, the air rade, which is pretty much playing shotgun and attempting to push the ball down the field with 5-6 receivers. He has great tools, makes all the throws, so him learning (or not, we will see) from Eli Manning would almost make it an identical Rodgers-Favre molding. And both guys are from Cal.
Draft Grade: B+

26th Pick - Baltimore Ravens (10-6)

Vadal Alexander - OG
Louisiana State - Senior
6-5, 326 Pounds
Just imagine the Baltimore Ravens not missing a step after a big conundrum of Kelechi Osemele and Marshall Yanda. The Ravens will get a chance to keep one, who will it be? I say Osemele, youth is just an upside. So the Ravens bring in a heir apparent with Vadal, letting him learn from a guy like John Urschel or Robert Myers in year one and/or two. Vadal is explosive, absorbs most contact like a champ, and has a very bright IQ. So what’s not to like about Vadal? He is tall, just like Osemele, and it took Osemele to adjust his height to play inside. Is there any picks that Ozzie makes that aren’t good on paper (and end up working out)? Just reap the benefits Baltimore, Vadal is the perfect pass-protector, and with some guidance he could be a pro-bowler quick.
Draft Grade: C-

27th Pick - Dallas Cowboys (from SD Chargers) (11-5)

Christian Hackenberg - QB
Penn State - Junior
6-4, 236 Pounds
Cowboys fans, DON’T FREAK OUT! I understand that the gloryboy Tony Romo is still around. I also understand that he said he won’t retire anyday soon. But let me get this straight. Back surgery, shoulder dislocation, and sprinkle in a concussion. Everyone in Dallas can’t think like Jerry Jones, he got it right with skipping Manziel for the pro-bowler Zach Martin, but don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Christian Hackenberg, that name should bring Cowboys fans everywhere happiness (if it’s called on draft night). A tall quarterback who needs to get his work ethic and hype managed, perfect to pair him with a true “game manager” in Romo. Romo could probably play another 2-4 seasons, Brandon Weeden was overpaid to sit the bench, and Hackenberg just seems destined to be on Americas Team.
Draft Grade: C+

28th Pick - Tenn Titans (from Cin Bengals via Sea Seahawks) (12-4)

Shawn Oakman - DE
Baylor - Redshirt Senior
6-8, 280 Pounds
So how does Oakman, the preseason lock for a top-10 pick, slide to 28? Easy, it’s not all about physique (even though he appears as the buffest man in college), but if he can bring pressure play after play. Next question, why did the Titans trade up in this draft? Because you need to really focus on a rebuild Tennessee. Trust me, another season that coach Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster go for another disappointing season (unless they somehow manage an 8-8), they are on the way out. Enter the new regime, you’ve already got a young QB, your leaning towards protecting him with the first pick, now solidify your terrible defense. Shawn Oakman had a good year last season, putting up 11 sacks. So again, I ask, why the drop? He is there sometimes, but not all the time.
Draft Grade: A+

29th Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)

Lloyd Carrington - CB
Arizona State - Redshirt Senior
5-11, 194 Pounds
One of my favorite players in the draft this year comes in the form of Lloyd Carrington from Arizona State. He has decent size for a corner, intriguing measurables, and has great footwork although very unnoticed. He plays big, fast, and physical with opposite receivers. Which I love. Not really a household name, Carrington goes to the Steelers to compete on a weak position group, he could crack the starting lineup quick. The Steelers are more dependant on riding the William Gay and Cortez Allen train, which both can be reliable, but are not starters in the league. Carrington is known for outworking the opposition by using his speed, playing a cover-zone would help him a lot in his first year. Another surprise in a draft chalk full of surprises. Here is where this gets interesting, the Steelers could actually end up pushing Carrington to free safety, no offense to Mike Mitchell, but the talent is obviously there for Lloyd to succeed.
Draft Grade: C

30th Pick - Green Bay Packers (14-2)

Kendall Fuller - CB
Virginia Tech - Junior
6-0, 197 Pounds
If Kendall Fuller, like Shawn Oakman, fall this far, the team (being the Packers) is going to be a very lucky one. Kendall Fuller is a top-10 cornerback in the NFL draft next year, but there will be so much talent both lines of scrimmage it might be too difficult for him to get noticed. He is guy who runs a lot of man-to-man, last year matching up to the top receivers of the other team. I don’t think the Packers play that kind of scheme, playing more of a cover-zone blitz scheme, having the corners account for portion of the field. The top-2 corners for the Packers left in free agency, Davon House and Tramon Williams, so this year will be very telling if those departures are felt. In the meantime, the Packers get a hell-of-a-corner because of a draft day slide, not always a bad thing. At least he plays for a contender.
Draft Grade: B-

31st Pick - New England Patriots (13-3)

Spencer Drango - OG
Baylor - Redshirt Senior
6-6, 310 Pounds
The best part about the Patriots are that they value their assets to the max, with Tom Brady being the most important piece they could have. As long as Tom terrific is under center, you will always need a guy that can be the next “Dan Koppen” or “Logan Mankins”. Something about Spencer Drango excited me last year around January, seeing his name getting feedback from the Advisory Board, and knowing what he already was. He is a Texas boy who learned at a young age what it takes to be physical. Drango also showed versatility at guard and tackle, which something that the Patriots value for their line. A big part of Baylor is the spread, which is pass-protection, but Drango was also very key to the success of the draw play (as the play typically ran through his side). Another solid investment on the part of the Patriots, staying on top of everyone.
Draft Grade: A-

32nd Pick - Arizona Cardinals (12-4)

Joe Haeg - OT/OG
North Dakota State - Senior
6-5, 300 Pounds
I know, I know, why draft another first round offensive lineman in consecutive drafts, in which you have the ability to really develop D.J. Humphries and bringing in another lineman could cause lack of confidence. In my theory, Keim doesn’t give a lick if the scouting community doesn’t agree with his picks. Keim picks from his quota, BPA (best player available), and that’s just something that never changes. Joe Haeg is great example of small school grit driving to excell on the Cardinals roster. Haeg gets the job done, loves to put his nose right into the defender, and get to the second level. The 32nd Pick, in my opinion, is the second round. So you get a guy you can develop, trade one of the many capable guys on the line, or groom Haeg for a position of weakness (center anybody).
Draft Grade: C-


Tampa Bay Buccaneers receive:

  • 1st Round (12th Overall Selection)
  • 2nd Round (44th Overall Selection)
  • 7th Round (235th Overall Selection)
  • 2017 4th Round Selection

Kansas City Chiefs receive:

  • 1st Round (6th Overall Selection)

Philadelphia Eagles receive:

  • 1st Round (17th Overall Selection)
  • 3rd Round (79th Overall Selection)
  • 6th Round (190th Overall Selection)

Oakland Raiders receive:

  • 1st Round (15th Overall Selection)
  • 7th Round (236th Overall Selection)
  • 2017 7th Round Selection

Philadelphia Eagles receive:

  • 1st Round (24th Overall Selection)
  • 2017 5th Round Selection
  • Sheldon Richardson (Defensive End)

New York Jets receive:

  • 1st Round (17th Overall Selection)
  • Mychal Kendricks (Inside Linebacker)

Cincinnati Bengals receive:

  • 1st Round (28th Overall Selection)
  • Cliff Avril (Defensive End)
  • Christine Michael (Running Back)

Seattle Seahawks receive:

  • 1st Round (20th Overall Selection)

Dallas Cowboys receive:

  • 1st Round (27th Overall Selection)
  • 4th Round (127th Overall Selection)
  • Donald Brown (Running Back)

San Diego Chargers receive:

  • 1st Round (23rd Overall Selection)

Minnesota Vikings receive:

  • 2nd Round (39th Overall Selection)
  • 3rd Round (71st Overall Selection)
  • 6th Round (183rd Overall Selection)
  • Geoff Schwartz (Offensive Guard)

New York Giants receive:

  • 1st Round (25th Overall Selection)

Cincinnati Bengals receive:

  • 2nd Round (33rd Overall Selection)
  • 3rd Round (65th Overall Selection)

Tennessee Titans receive:

  • 1st Round (28th Overall Selection)
  • 2017 6th Round Selection
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