The new Browns logo is ADORABLE

So after all these teases we are finally going to see the new Browns logo! The football world has waited with bated breath over what logo we will get. Will they change the helmet? Will they put the dog on the helmet? Will they use the Brownie again? Will they change the dog? Will they really change anything? It’s time to find out!

Oh…so it’s just the current helmet but now with a Brown facemask. Okay, I guess we got a little too hyped up there. Wait, something feels odd about the Orange, did they just take it into Photoshop and up the saturation levels?

THEY DID. Okay, whatever. Maybe they wanted an Orange that was brighter and looked more like the Bengals orange. It’s a sort of pointless change but they are probably going to be using this new orange in the new uniform and it’s not too different, I’m on board with this.

I wonder what they did with the dog logo, though. I hope they made it angrier. The dog should represent the die-hard loyalists of Cleveland who hunger for a real victory, who show up to every game every year despite the same low-level of play. They are tough. Cleveland fans are tough.  The Dawg pound deserves a tough, old, proud dog. Alright, Nike, what have you got?


omg. Omg. Omg omg omg. I am totally a dog person after this LOOK AT HIM awwwwwwww what’s his name? Hey there, little guy! AWWWW LOOK AT HIM TRY TO SNARL WITH HIS CUUUTE WIDDLE UNDERBITE, DAWWWWWWWW

I wanna ruffle his widdle chubby face aww I just wanna squeeze him and hold him and oh my god I love him can we keep him??? You wanna play fetch little guy? Yes you do! YES YOU DO! WHO’S A GOOD 7-9 TEAM MASCOT?? YES YOU ARE! YES YOU ARE! You wanna treat? YOU WANNA TREAT? HERE’S YOUR QB IN REHAB, GET HIM BOY!

The Browns are totes my new favorite team now.

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  • Lol What

    TOTES adorable.

    Also, is Nike really bringing back edgy 90’s kids intentional misspelling?


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